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New Year, New Goals


As each year comes to an end, I often find myself reviewing the past year and thinking about all the things I'd like to do in the coming year. My ideas and thoughts range from exercising more, eating less sugar, trying new foods, to exploring different places, meeting new people and pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone. 

As the business of the Christmas holidays filled my day to day life, my thoughts often turned to my personal art and design, and how I would nurture it in 2015. As shared in an earlier post, it's no secret that I have found myself where I am now because of a pure love for art and creation. That's where it started and has since morphed into a passion for all things design and visual art. 

Through my review of 2014 I realized that much of my design and art is for other people; family, friends, and clients, but never for myself. I enjoy the work that I do for others, but I think growth can also be measured by the things we do for ourselves. That being said, I've decided that 2015 is about my personal artistic growth. I have a lot of dreams, hopes, aspirations, and goals – often pinned to a Pinterest board as a reminder to try that one thing with watercolours – but often can't find the time or worse the motivation to accomplish these goals and ideas. 

So here I am, with one hand on my heart – the other awkwardly typing out this sentence – promising that 2015 is the year of less procrastination and more doing. Less neglect and more nurturing. Less fear of failing and more experimenting and embracing the fall. 

Number one on my list is typography. I've always had an interest in typography, but never really gave it the attention it needed. I love how a story can be told, wordlessly, in the way that a letter is formed. So much emotion and personality can be evoked simply through the different levels of detail, like the picture above.

It's quite amazing, I think!

I'm really excited to see what I can push myself to create in 2015. I hope you will check back for more typography projects, – like the one below– and other doodles, ideas and what not.

I LOVE by Laurelle Armet

I LOVE by Laurelle Armet

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