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Practice Makes Perfect


As 2015 continues forward at ultimate speed it brings with it new ideas, new projects, and new clients. One of these on going projects – as shared before, is perfecting my typography skills. I have this secret love affair with typography (and calligraphy) and often find myself spending hours pinning different images on Pinterest that speak to this love affair. 

Luckily I have been blessed with two projects that have and will help fuel this personal project of mine. Can you hear those bells? You guessed right, wedding invitations and save the date announcements. It's wedding planning season and I've been pigging out on beautiful, elegant, hand made and digitalized scripts and fonts. You know how that old saying goes– practice makes perfect, and I want my typography, or in this case calligraphy skills to be perfected before they are put to the test for these projects. 

While still in my practice stage, I've turned to India Ink to whom I was first introduced to in high school. Since then it has been added to my roster of artistic weapons. The first project I ever did using this ink, I watered it down and painted a scene from Italy, using it in a watercolour type fashion. It was a nice slow introduction and I was pleased with the results. I even ended up hanging and selling it in the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery. Later I learned to use the pens and paired this with the watered down ink to create depth and variation.

Pinterest and Instagram are great places to find inspiration and follow other like minded individuals. Here I pin and double tap all sorts of images ranging from typography, photography, graphics and so much more. Carly Marie (AKA Moochie Creative) and Jessica Hische are one of my two favourite designers to follow on Instagram and whom of which I often find my inspirations and new ideas from. In the past Carly Marie has posted pictures of her typography projects in which she uses watercolours. So I thought I'd have a kick at the can and do the same with my India Ink technique. It was tricky at first, as I had to figure out how to hold and use the brush in a different manner to allow for width variation. After a few (thousand) attempts, I think I nailed it – check it out below.

When I began my degree in graphic design at Vancouver Island University each student was instructed to buy a large supply kit and within this kit where felt markers with varied tips. Sounds pretty standard and simple but to me it opened up more typography possibilities and in more ways then one, got the ball rolling. It's quite amazing what you can do with a pen. Again it took some time to find a comfortable technique that kept the pen moving quickly and smoothly in order to get the look and effect I desired.

I'm looking forward to getting to the next step with these projects and very excited to share the results with you! So be sure to check back for updates and results. 

What are your favourite typography tools? 

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