Laurelle Armet


Self Branding

As many of you fellow designers know, distinguishing a client's identity and branding their voice and message in the perfect manner can be a tricky task. We ask our clients thousands of questions, such as: What is it that your company does? Who do you want to reach out to? What are you offering your audience? If your brand was a person, what tone of voice would it speak with? What would your brand be doing on a friday night? What does your brand eat for breakfast? The list of questions go on and they only get weirder from there.

If that's hard, imagine branding yourself. Someone you've known for your entire life and have had the pleasure of experiencing first hand the personal growth, changing and evolving over the years. This person you know inside and out.

When I first started the task of branding myself, I thought I had this in the bag. Obviously I know who I am, this would be easy, quick and simple. I'm down to earth, fun, kind, smart, friendly, shy at times and a bunch of other things. Okay, so that was a good start, I had a few adjectives. But how was I to put these words, memories, feelings, experiences, beliefs, thoughts that were the essence of my being into a branded identity. It wasn't easy, let me assure you.

But like any creative being after tons of brain storming, a few thousand discarded ideas, several all nighters, and one too many microwaved dinners, I finally came to the Best. Solution. Ever. Like EVER. But to understand my brand you must first understand me. Like two sides of a coin there's two sides of me, two personalities almost. If I've recently just met you, I probably came across as very polite, calm, quiet at times and down to earth. I choose my words wisely, treading the water cautiously. 


Part of my brand is the packaging: quiet, down to earth, soft spoken, subtle and unique. But that's only a facade, hiding the crazy, authentic, adventurous, funny, corky and friendly being that I am. The facade is just for show in my brand, but in real life it's the result of being an outgoing introvert.

Yes introverts can be outgoing.

Below you will get a peak of a version of my brand (I can't give all of my secrets away). The insides reflect both sides of me; the tame & wild, the quite & loud, the dreamer & the leader; with an extra pinch of the person I hope for everyone to get to know. Here you will notice a modern yet clean layout, mixed with current yet timeless trends, colours and fonts. 

It's not obnoxious, or rudely in your face, but rather quietly demands your attention. 

Exactly the person that I am.