Laurelle Armet


World Adoption Day

In lieu of the first ever World Adoption Day which took place yesterday, I would like to share one of my many sources of inspiration and motivation: my family. 

We've seen light and we've seen darkness. We've laughed and we've cried. But through it all, we've always been there for one another. A lot of who I am today is due to the people I call family. My parents are hard working individuals who have taught me to fight for the things that mean most to me and to chase after my dreams. They have been my cheerleaders since day one and will be there until the end. 

We may not be blood related (but then again who is these days anyway?) but I know that they have passed many traits on to me. My compassion for others. My drive, motivation and diligence. My silly (yet utterly hilarious) sense of humour. My open mind and open heart. My self love and confidence.

While my parents have been teaching me and preparing me for adulthood and life I've learned a lot from my siblings as well. No matter how many times you fall down or how low your spirit is, always, always get back up. Adventure can be right around the corner, if you're willing to dive in head first. Weight training won't make you obnoxiously large (if you do it right). Persistence and patience are key in overcoming obstacles. Tattoos are badass. Learning comes from mistakes, and they're okay to make. 

People say blood is thicker than water. I don't believe that. The beautiful gift of being thrown together with a bunch of people and choosing to call them family is much thicker than water, and in my case, even blood.