Laurelle Armet


You Had Me At +

Ever heard of the saying, to wear many hats? As strange as it sounds it is often the case with creative beings– individuals who dabble in more than one creative pot. Artists may tinker with music, filmmakers with acting, while performers and musicians may indulge themselves with words and all the pleasures of writing. I personally, have my hands sunk deep into several pots: visual art, graphic design, creative writing, film and surprisingly– music, in the most unconventional way. 

I am an introvert at heart, shy by nature and picky when it comes to words. My opinions, ideas and arguments are strategically thought out and delivered with confidence. I'm not one to react on impulse but rather on careful evaluation of a situation. Writing comes easily to me and I often find my emotions are better expressed and interpreted through writing. This is why I believe I have such a strong connection to music and have the ability to gather inspiration from it. Lyrics carefully crafted and put together to instruments that tell a story that I may not have been able to express myself. Drum beats that put a bounce in my step, ideas sparked by other's encouraging guitar riffs. 

2014 was a wonderful year. I graduated university with my degree, travelled to Europe and nailed my first major contracting job. Each moment had a theme, and a song to go with it. Each life event marked by the lyrics, emotions and sounds of artists that just seemed to get me. In 2014 I began to challenge myself more consistently as a designer and an artist. I designed and launched this website and blog and I stepped into the real world of graphic design. With their relatable lyrics, catchy beats, and intricate instrumentals and these artists were my cheerleaders, my inspiration, motivation and my soundtrack to success.

Timeflies - After Hours
Ed Sheeran - X
Maroon 5 - V
Taylor Swift - 1989
Hoodie Allen - People Keep Talking