Laurelle Armet


Into The Woods

Growing up on the Island has many benefits. For starters, one can head in any direction and at some point will encounter ocean. For some lucky folks, the ocean is only a minutes walk away. The added bonuses of the mountains, lushes forest and the many lakes and rivers make for awesome day trips and adventures. All of which is literally located in our backyard.

As much as I enjoy the great outdoors, it's pretty impossible to get any work done within its pristine greenery. Pretty butterflies, interesting birds and cute furry animals bid for my attention while the rocky terrain of Mt. Benson doesn't make the best working surface. Often I find myself locked indoors, hunched over a desk working away, project after project. On top of that I often find myself itching for some form of movement or activity that refreshes my mind and keeps the creative juices flowing. Turning to another creative outlet such as writing, sketching or painting for pleasure or reading a good book often helps, but also requires more creative energy and lacks the movement my body craves.

Insert the great outdoors. When I can, I like to take breaks and go explore the world and mother nature. There's nothing quite like the feeling of climbing a mountain and looking down upon your community from a lookout point. It helps me clear the mind, organize the thoughts and puts life into perspective. Growing up on the Island, I believe, has contributed to my personality. I'm a down to earth, tree loving, animal hugging, nature exploring, city dweller. I love urban life, but I find peace and inspiration among the stillness of nature. 

Within my portfolio viewers can find projects that were directly inspired or influenced by nature such as BARK TISSUE as seen below. Being able to freely explore my surroundings gives me an appreciation of spaces I have yet to explore and spaces I know all too well. It adds depth and purpose to my designs and reflects my character. And that, I think, is one of the greatest accomplishments for any creative being.

BARK TISSUES is a campaign  that strives to educate individuals of our environment's condition. When one box of BARK TISSUES is purchased the proceeds are used to plant trees in deforested areas. 2013 copyright Laurelle Armet