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Did I mention I LOVE pugs?

So I have this CRAZY obsession with pugs. I absolutely love them. It all started when my sister brought a little pug home and named him Oscar. At the time I had been under this delusional impression that this fur ball was going to be a drooling mess and gain thousands of pounds and be unloveable. But when Oscar came skidding through our front door and across the tiled foyer, and into my heart, I suddenly had a change of attitude.

That little squished face, curly tail and those endearing snorts had me at hello. I mean how can you not love them. Their little black masked faces, soft fawn coats, stubborn attitudes, corky personalities, curly tails and of course their penguin butts (trust me, it looks like a talking penguin) are just to die for.

So when this video suddenly came to my attention, I just had to share it. Look at all those happy, jumping pug puppies. I bet that guy was just having one of the best times of his life. I want fifteen pugs and be a crazy pug lady. They will keep me company as I freelance from my super cute townhouse in the city or farm house in the suburbs. Which ever place will let me have fifteen pugs. If that doesn't happen I guess I'll settle for just two, Oliver and Basil. 

I've got this all planned out!

In the meantime, check out my totally dorky but absolutely cool pug shirts. Are you jealous? Good. My love for pugs just adds to my personality and the ideas I get as a designer. I mean without Oscar, how would I have been able to make this awesome pug themed gift box?

Anyone in need of some pug themed swag? No, just me? Okay!

Baby Oscar

Baby Oscar

Oscar The Clown

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