Laurelle Armet


Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello friends, family, peers, and people of the world.

My name is Laurelle Armet. Laurie for short and Laur if you simply can't be bothered to get more than one syllable out. I am a graphic designer. I am a dreamer, a believer and a creator of many things. I love to be inspired and to inspire others.

Here you will find all sorts of things. This is the place where my professional life meets my personal life. Follow along and you will have a glimpse of all things me. What inspires me, what makes me laugh, smile, cry, angry even. I want to share works in progress and finished work. I want to share designs that I find within the community and from my peers that just work! All of which are: unique, cool, edgy, inspirational, passionate, responsible, trendy, eye catching, rebellious, different, fresh, and add up to the person and designer that I am.

Through these posts you will discover what fuels, motivates and inspires me as a designer and uncover why I design the way that I do. Join me on this roller coaster. I swear it'll be awesome!