Laurelle Armet


I Can Feel The Love

Love |ləv| 

NOUN an intense feeling of deep affection towards a person or thing.
VERB feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to (someone).
ORIGIN Old English lufu, of Germanic origin; from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit lubhyati ‘desires,’ Latin libet ‘it is pleasing,’ libido ‘desire.’

I believe to love is to trust something that is bigger than all of us. To love is to put your trust in yourself and into those around you. Loving someone is to share pieces of yourself– like sacred treats, with hand picked individuals. Love is a bond, perfectly paired between people of all relationship. It is to be cherished, nurtured and never taken for grated. It is what makes this world a beautiful place. I often find myself being inspired by the simple acts of love displayed by individuals everywhere. From that special someone pre warming the passenger seat so that your butt stays warm to random acts of kindness and social experiments that aim to connect people, the love is there.

The first video I say made by Kyle Hanagami was his Letters Of Love dance video choreographed to Ed Sheeran's Give Me Love. The fact that is was choreographed to Ed Sheeran's song was enough for me to click the link and stay long enough to see the dancers' first moves. But what really stuck in my mind was the message Kyle wanted to share. Kyle's goal was to connect people through letters and to hear the stories of complete stranger's most cherished moments. With every 10 letters he donated $1 to cancer research. He received 14,146 Letters of Love! 

The video is beautifully made, featuring exceptional dancers acting out a story of love shared among several individuals. As I have an acute interest in filmmaking and editing I was inspired by the music, movement and message on more than one level. This year Kyle has released another Letters Of Love video and it is just as amazing and beautiful as the first, with an even more urgent message– love is important and we must remember to cherish what we have while we still have it, because nothing is set in stone, and everything can change without notice.

Inspired by Kyle's video and in lieu of Valentine's day, I decided to take my hand at my own letter of love. I have a new interest in card making and what better way to exercise this interest is to practice on the most loving day of the year. I think this is going to be a thing, so if you're interested in handmade cards, I'm now taking requests!

I hope you were able to tell someone that you love them this Valentine's Day. More so, I hope that you are able to spread the love on V Day as well as every other day of the year. 

There Is No Remedy For Love But To Love More - Unknown